COJ HD Season 6

  • Divers Rock Bonito - S6E1

    We're fishing just off the beach in an area that draws the sporty bonito every spring. Our anglers discuss the artificial lures they used to catch fish.

  • New River Smallmouth - S6E2

    We raft the famous New River in western North Carolina for the sporty smallmouth bass.

  • Jetty Trout - S6E3

    We're fishing the Cape Lookout rock jetty in North Carolina for speckled trout.

  • Fishing The Beach - S6E4

    We're fishing the central outer bank's surf in NC. On Gear Time we’ll discuss the tackle and bait you will need to catch fish.

  • Spring White Bass - S6E5

    We're fishing for the sporty white bass in the NC mountains. Using light fly rods proves to be the perfect match.

  • Stripers Deep - S6E6

    We are targeting Striped Bass on the Roanoke River in North Carolina. Using fly rods and sinking lines proves to be effective in deep water.

  • Structured Bass - S6E7

    This week on the Journal we’ll be fishing underwater structure for largemouth bass.

  • Tidewater Blues - S6E8

    We're fishing for bluefish on a tide change near Cape Lookout, North Carolina.

  • Morning Bite - S6E9

    We’ll be topwater fishing on the edge of the Pamlico Sound in North Carolina for striped bass.

  • Tide Driven Specs - S6E10

    We are targeting speckled trout using soft baits. Knowing the schedule of the tide made all the difference in catching a nice class of fish.

  • Fishing The Edge S6E11

    We’ll fish Lake Phelps in eastern North Carolina for largemouth bass. Wading the shallows and using fly rods proves to be very productive.

  • Research Dolphin - S6E12

    On this edition of the Journal, we’ll fish offshore for the sporty dolphin fish. At the same time, we’ll be tagging fish as a part of an ongoing tagging program.

  • Lizards And Bass - S6E13

    Our anglers show us how to fish an artificial lizard to catch largemouth bass during the spring season.

  • Inlet Blues - S614

    We’ll fish two inlets in North Carolina for the sporty bluefish. On Gear Time our anglers discuss the tackle and lures needed to catch bluefish. And Donna Reynolds prepares a shrimp recipe in the kitchen.

  • Light For White Perch - S6E15

    We’ll target the sporty and tasty white perch. In Gear Time our anglers discuss how to go light in your tackle selection.

  • Summer Black Drum - S6E16

    We’ll venture to the coast of North Carolina to fish for Black drum. Fishing bridge pilings proves to be productive.

  • September Surprise - S6E17

    We’ll fish Shearin Harris Lake for largemouth bass in early September. In Gear Time our anglers discuss the day and what they used to catch fish.

  • Urban Stripers On Top - S6E18

    We’ll target Striped bass on topwater lures in an urban setting. Donna Reynolds is in the kitchen preparing a seafood casserole.

  • Light Tackle Spadefish - S6E19

    We’ll venture out into Pamlico Sound in North Carolina. Our target for the morning is the sporty Spadefish.

  • Summer Stripers - S6E20

    We’ll travel to the coast to fish the Mann’s Harbor bridge for Striped bass.

  • Tagging Expedition Grey Trout - S6E21

    We’ll target Grey Trout using light tackle. Along the way, we’ll tag a few for research and learn a little more about the tagging program.

  • Light for White Perch - S6E22

    We’ll target the sporty and tasty white perch. In Gear Time our anglers discuss how to go light in your tackle selection.

  • Surf Zone Tips - S6E23

    A seasoned surf fisherman shares a few tips on successfully fishing the surf zone. In Gear Time he will discuss the tackle needed and we’ll join Donna Reynolds in the kitchen for a salmon recipe.

  • Early Spring Stripers - S6E24

    We’ll fish just off the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina for early spring striped bass.